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Toontrack solo 1.3

Mixes single instrument tracks to create compositions
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The suite generates music files. It combines and mixes tracks for separate instruments including the content from toontrack samplers. The software supports ASIO and CoreAudio/CoreMIDI devices and works with up to 16 physical audio outputs. It combines audio from different sources including live recordings.

Toontrack Solo is a mixer program that can host toontrack samplers. It is a standalone program which can help the musicians to mix with other instruments for live performances or otherwise.

The combination of Toontrack Solo, EZplayer Pro and EZdrummer or Superior Drummer allows the shaping of new MIDI grooves within the EZplayer pro arranger which can later be exported to any sequencer thus makes it an independent workstation. The factory presets of the program allow you to optimize the response from the controller. Then you can route the sampler output to a hardware mixer for sonic control. It supports ASIO and CoreAudio/CoreMIDI devices. The 16 audio outputs can be routed to a conventional mixer for processing i.e. it can be optimized for the real time operation with a low latency. Each instance can be assigned a discrete MIDI channel and it supports the specialist MIDI controllers. You can assign the virtual instruments to the specific channels and it can be triggered as and when you wish. The user friendly interface makes it easy for you to work with your music for the mixing and shaping up of your music. A preview option is given so that you can preview your creation before going for it.

Toontrack solo is created as a tool for the performing musicians to have a preview of their on stand alone host.

Luis Sanchez
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  • Standalone operation of Toontrack samplers, support for special MIDI controllers


  • Sound card with up-to-date ASIO or Core Audio drivers is required
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